Steffi Pieters

Steffi Pieters

Location: Belgium

Born in Leuven, Belgium, I have always been extremely sensitive and open.
Since I was a child, I have always been in awe with life; its beauty, intensity, richness, diversity, colours and frequencies move my heart. I used to express myself mainly through dancing, playing the flute, singing and writing. It wasn't until later that I started to paint.
My art is an expression of the beauty I see every day. I believe in the healing power of art that comes from a place of compassion and strength. The artworks that I create are meant to move and open people's hearts and to help them see their true inner beauty. I aim for them to radiate as much authenticity and sincerity as possible. My biggest wish is for humankind to see the beauty in their hearts and to live their lives from their essence.


Fine art for an open heart

As a self-taught artist, I am inspired, taught and guided by nature, music, culture, traveling, life challenges, personal life lessons and many counseling sessions I've led with both individuals and groups of all ages.
I will always be a student and I'm eager to continually develop and discover myself, both as a human being and as an artist.
I very much value the 'not-knowing' position, the beginner's mind, the open heart... which allows me to 'flow' a painting. It then springs from intuition and a place of deep respect for the creation process.

More information and artworks on my website

Inner Connections “Inner Connections”

Inner Connections invites you to dive into your inner world. What is it that you see there? What moves you? What inspires you? What opens your heart?
What does it mean to you to feel connected to yourself?

The most fundamental connection we have is the one with ourselves. Our inner world is rich and holds a universe of experiences, messages, wisdom and beauty.

Self-Worth “Self-Worth”

Self-Worth is about those deep feelings of belonging, of feeling worthy because of who you are. Self-Worth is where you stop aiming to be a 'better' person and realise that all the light is within you already.
As you connect with it, you are one with forgiveness, compassion, grace and all positive qualities that are unconditional.

Eternal Existence “Eternal Existence”

Eternal Existence speaks of that place of eternity we are all a part of.
If we tune into our soul, we feel that aspect of us which is infinite and connects us with all that is.
This painting transcends daily life and reminds us of our true purpose on this planet.

Papillon “Papillon”

Papillon represents the essence of the butterfly, kind, light and free in nature.
Allow the soft brush strokes to transport you to a world where you feel liberated, 100% yourself.

The butterfly is elegant but also fierce. Her presence and beauty do not go unnoticed.
I wish you feel a range of light emotions when you contemplate this painting - and at the same time that you are reminded of the incredible strength you possess.

Deep Embrace “Deep Embrace”

In this painting lies the essence of pure and deep compassion... The ability to love unconditionally and to hold both laughter and pain, light and dark, understanding and judgment.

It is our birth right to feel special, to feel good enough, to feel accepted for all that we are. This Deep Embrace Painting is here to bring you warmth, tenderness and a strong foundation for you to build on. I hope you can feel that.
May you feel cherished and profoundly loved.