Location: Italy

Ivana was born in Milan, Italy and, since childhood, has shown interest in painting. He graduated from the Art School of Giussano and later attended private painting courses. Ivana is an advocate of animal rights, her favorite subjects. Finally he graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan.
He has been exhibiting for about 20 years in: Milan and its province; Lake Como and Switzerland; America, Canada and India.
Important World Artists V. 1. Published in 2010. Link: https://wwab.us/iwa-1



I let myself be inspired by what concerns me and happens around me. It doesn't follow rules, when something inspires me I try to make it happen immediately otherwise I risk losing the moment. Nature is always the protagonist in my works.

Peach flowers “Peach flowers”

Painting title «Peach flowers», Pastel technique, canson card support.
I was inspired by the tree in my garden. I wanted to convey the beauty and simplicity of the nature that surrounds us.

Balcony “Balcony”

«Balcony» painting, Mixed technique (acrylic, pastel).
Colors are the protagonists of Spring and we often forget to look and notice the enchantment of the world in which we live.

Wolves “Wolves”

Painting «Wolves», Pastel technique.
In Nature, animals have to face various problems in order to survive, a bit like us… And sometimes we forget how difficult life is for them too.

Naked at the window “Naked at the window”

Painting «Naked at the window», Pastel technique.
Women live to be loved, here the warm colors convey the passion while waiting for this figure.