Termeh Kamani

Termeh kamani

Location: Unknown

I am seyedeh Rahil Kamaninezhad and my artistic name is Termeh Kamani.

I have loved painting since I was a child،I told stories to myself and painted for my stories،،
Painting is an inseparable part of my world.I have a master's degree in painting.The emotions I receive from the world around me play a big role in my work

I have been painting professionally for 9 years.
I have held two solo exhibitions
And I have participated in more than twenty group exhibitions.
And I try to expand my artistic activity internationally
Most of my artwork has been in the style of expressionism and representation of nature. With acrylic technique on canvas and cardboard

This is my Instagram address ( Art_timiti64 )


Contemporary man

Man is full of worries in the present age. And these worries cause him anger, sadness, fatigue and confusion. And all of these factors affect human social and personal life.
In my work, I create personal characters that are made up of interconnected lines, and finally there is a kind of deformation،And through these shapes and lines, I try to convey feelings and states of sadness and worry in today's human beings.