Vineet Kaur

Vineet Kaur

Location: India

Art isn’t just playing with colours, its letting the child in you free. Creativity isn’t learnt, every child is born with talent, it needs appreciation. “
Born in Hyderabad on 21st May 1977 moved to New Delhi at age three. My art journey started with watching my mother paint and ruining her painting with my artistic strokes.
1995, after passing out from Modern School Barakhamba Road, I joined Delhi College Of Art. Within three years into Applied Art course life took me to Mumbai with my groom. Before I realised it, I was already in my 20 years of happily ever after with my three amazing boys. In these 20 odd years, I did workshops, art classes and pottery.
With the support of my family I picked up my brush with a purpose towards a new beginning. I want to showcase my works to the world.
Each of my paintings have a short prayer written before I add my colours, they all are sprayed with holy water in hope that these paintings only carry positivity and bring happiness in whose so ever house walls its hung. All profits are used for a noble cause.
The 2020 pandemic brought up another dimension to the pier of art. Vineet kaur grabbed two art teacher courses and began to spread positivity through colours and teaching what she knows. Along with painting on canvas she spread her talent on masks, fabrics, bags and much more.
My paintings talk about happiness and celebrations. I paint my feelings of joy and try to capture the fun and bold moments.
This is just the beginning....

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Vin’strokes by Vineet Kaur 


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