Lee Richards

Lee Richards has been working with the difficult medium of stained glass for many years and has developed unique techniques that enable very complex and realistic creations.

Most pieces contain between 300 and 1,500 hand-cut, intricate pieces of glass, wrapped in copper and soldered together. The main subject matter focuses on animals in their natural environments. Later pieces are built onto custom-made LED light boxes allowing them to be hung on walls and backlit. His works are generally flat panels but also constructs three-dimensional pieces such as lamps. There is also a collection of erotica centered on female figures in various forms.

His works have won numerous awards in local and national juried shows.

Lee currently works for the City of Flagler Beach, Florida as an architectural/engineering project manager. He produces glass art in his home studio. He was currently awarded the title “Artist of the Year” by the Gargiulo Art Foundation for 2020. He has a BS degree in Chemistry, a Master’s Degree in Architecture, and a PhD in Engineering Management.


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