Theodore D. Robinson

Theodore D. Robinson



Theodore D. Robinson

Portrait drawing and painting work for over 35 years

Robert “Robert”

My 2019 portrait painting of Robert using ink, pencil & spray paint

Melinda “Melinda”

My 2002 drawing of Melinda using pencil & ink

Kedra #5 “Kedra #5”

My 2008 portrait painting Kedra #5 done with watercolor, acrylic & spray paint 19x29 inches

Douglas “Douglas”

My 1999 portrait drawing of Douglas using pencil and ink

David Bowie “David Bowie”

My portrait painting of david Bowie using Acrylic, watercolor & spray paint

Audrey I “Audrey I”

My 10x20 inch portrait drawing Audrey I done with pencil, ink & spray paint

Dominique 1 “Dominique 1”

My 10x15 inch portrait drawing of Dominique using pencil & ink

Rebecca I “Rebecca I”

My 1989 11.5" x 29.5" inch portrait painting using spray paint, ink & pencil

Jim Morrison “Jim Morrison”

11x16.5 inch portrait drawing using pencil, ink & spray paint

Sam (detail) “Sam (detail)”

1996 portrait paint of Sam using acrylic, watercolor & spray paint

Gong Li “Gong Li”

My 2009 drawing of actress Gong Li using pencil, ink and spray paint

Mikael “Mikael”

My 2003 14.5"x 19.5" inch portrait of Mikael using pencil ink and spray paint