Lisa A Mitchell

I am an artist and graphic designer who loves photo art. I have over 20 years experience and an AA degree in graphic design Magna Cum Loud.


Lisa Kendall Mitchell

This portfolio has portraits, Caverns, New Orleans Culture, Pet photos, Cathedral, Streetcar, Graveyard and more. Pictures of colorful and creative and would brighten up in a row office home are dorm. Prints are 45.00 a piece and canvas 16x24 175 a piece the canvas include free shipping the prince there's a $9 shipping and handling fee.

Colorful Portrait of a Beautiful Woman “Colorful Portrait of a Beautiful Woman”

This picture is of a beautiful woman and is colorful and would brighten up and a room home office or dorm it is creative and beautiful.

Rambo in Roses “Rambo in Roses”

This picture has round ball with N Roses it has a bright colorful creative picture .The roses soften the look of the picture and give it ambiance.

Mule and Buggy “Mule and Buggy”

Mule and buggy rides are part of New Orleans culture we'll use them for weddings sightseeing and tourism just to name a few come to New Orleans and taking me a little buggy ride and see the sights

Beautiful Blue Cavern “Beautiful Blue Cavern”

This is one of the most beautiful Caverns I'm in illustration as a photograph natural beautiful colorful and would brighten up any room home office or dorm

Beautiful Blue Glass Cavern “Beautiful Blue Glass Cavern”

This Cavern is in the most beautiful of caverns it is the top 10 most beautiful caverns. This piece would brighten up any room in your home office or dorm.

Logos Cave in Yellow and Blue “Logos Cave in Yellow and Blue”

This cave is spectacular the view magnificent one of the most beautiful caves of all is the cave in Logos.

Starbucks Opossum Rambo “Starbucks Opossum Rambo”

Rambo drinks Starbucks Coffee every morning since he was 3 weeks old now a year and a half. He enjoys his Starbucks.

Cool Portrait with Sunglasses “Cool Portrait with Sunglasses”

This is a portrait of a woman with sunglasses illustration . She is cool decrative and pleasing to the eye. She will go well in any room house office or dorm.

A Beautiful Blue Christmas “A Beautiful Blue Christmas”

This is a mosaic picture of Christmas scenery it is a beautiful picture oh Christmas trees in a park on a lake this celebrates the very nature of Christmas I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it

Exotic Red Flowers “Exotic Red Flowers”

This illustration is a picture of exotic red flowers it'll brighten up and a room and your home office or dorm it's cheerful bright and Rosie hope you enjoy this picture as much as I enjoyed making it

Beautiful Gemstones “Beautiful Gemstones”

This picture is an abstract beautiful gemstones it shows the beauty of nature and how pretty gemstones are a very decorative this could cheer up in a room your home office or dorm movie

Exotic Pink Flamingos “Exotic Pink Flamingos”

This woman goes for taking that a local Zoo there are pink and graceful and beautiful and very fragile that will brighten up in a room and your home office a door I hope you like them as much as I love making

Mystic Colorful Portrait of a Woman “Mystic Colorful Portrait of a Woman”

This portrait is a kick back to the seven days with it's bright colors and sunglasses she has a 70 Style look to her show brighten up any room in your house office or dorm I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed making her

Beautiful Graffiti Portrait of A Woman “Beautiful Graffiti Portrait of A Woman”

This is a beautiful graffiti picture of a woman just portrait has texture it is colorful it's on the neutral side so it can go in any room and it matches with anything jet she stands out it's a beautiful piece it would go well and your house is office or dorm I hope you liked her as much as I loved making her

A Graffiti Portrait of a Man “A Graffiti Portrait of a Man”

This graffiti piece has artwork with a man smiling that will brighten up any room and has color and texture and a throwback to the 70s it's a it's a it's a timepiece that reminds us of lighter days I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I enjoyed making it

Reflection “Reflection”

This piece is called reflection the picture is reflected in the water it is very subdued very subtle get colorful calming relaxing it'll just take you away from all stress that's a beautiful piece that would look well in your home office or dorm

The Performance “The Performance”

This piece is called the performance there is a performer in the middle of the picture in a crowd surrounding him looking on this page catches your eye along with the colors and beauty of the picture

French Quarter House “French Quarter House”

This French Quarter House is decorated for Christmas it shows the spirit of the holiday the and the soul of the French Quarter we are very traditional here about our holidays so I'd like to share this picture with you

The Kiss “The Kiss”

This is a romantic picture called the kiss but it is between an interracial couple who is fighting to be together love wins I know this for a fact because this is me and my significant other and this is a true story

Beautiful Exotic Wild Flowers “Beautiful Exotic Wild Flowers”

This picture is creative and colorful and would cheer up any room in your house, office, or dorm. I hope as much as I enjoyed making it it is a beautiful piece that will give panache two any room.

St Louis cathedral “St Louis cathedral”

The St Louis cathedral is one of the most historical places in New Orleans and one of the most haunted places in the New Orleans it sits on a cemetery we're only the most prominent we're buried the St Louis cathedral goes back to the 1700s with King Louis it is a beautiful place and definitely should be visited there

Lady at Mardi gras “Lady at Mardi gras”

This is a lady celebrating Mardi gras this is our culture we celebrate Mardi gras every year and she is having the best time of her life and we caught a picture of her and this is the artwork I did it brings out her inner beauty

Red exotic flowers “Red exotic flowers”

These are some red exotic flowers I did some artwork on the filter brings out their beauty of springtime

Streetcar at dusk “Streetcar at dusk”

This is a street car I caught at dusk in the middle of traffic I caught it at perfect light the colors came out beautifully so I thought it would share with you this is the middle of New Orleans by canal Street