Giovanni Antonio Mocchi

Giovanni Antonio Mocchi

Location: Italy

The professional path has seen me mainly engaged in reportage photography from the end of the 1980s to the early 2000s with publications in major national newspapers and magazines with full text reports.
At the end of the 90s I started taking pictures and hanging out with some characters from culture and entertainment. Since the beginning of the 2000s, with the reportage reduced to a minimum, I have been a dance and theater photographer.

With the introduction of digital I left the dramatization of black and white, trying to approach color and lightness, learning to control the digital post-production and therefore the whole process that I previously carried out in the dark room.

Since 2010 I have started to observe with method the images of Luigi Ghirri and all the writings, words and documentaries of Gianni Celati, starting a personal photographic research.

Previously my approach was to try to modify what I was observing, anxious to show, almost impossible, still unseen images.
Gradually I began to shift my gaze to things that I had not previously considered and precisely because they are simple and obvious perhaps never observed carefully.

What remains of the Garden of Eden I think is outside the door of our house and I think taking pictures can be a way to try to observe that little bit of beauty that still remains next to us and which we often don't notice anymore.

Celati says that: ".. the world takes shape because someone observes it, it takes shape when someone feels the desire to contemplate it .."

In photography I love the contours and limits of the frame that my thoughts sometimes seem to lose, as well as the search for signs and references between me and the horizon.
I also think that the nuances are very important.


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