Esther Verburgt

I like the diversity that creativity brings. I'm not tied to any technique at all, I don't want that either. In 2003 I graduated from the liberal arts academy. To deepen my knowledge of painting, I followed the 17th century painting course.

In 1999 I started my own company. I teach in groups or individually. I enjoy it when students choose what they want to do. You will not find regular group lessons with me. You learn from each other by looking at and experiencing each other!

Also creatively experiencing a festive, emotional or funny moment together is a gift to do for me. Children's parties business sessions you name it.

In 2007 the personal coaching of both children and adults followed on an individual basis.

I followed the Visual Thinking Coach training because it completely matches my way of working. In 2011 I completed the mediation training.

Here I work on the “development” of creativity. Working together to get tools that are functional in everyday life !!



Peacock “Peacock”

160 x 70 oilpainting on canvas

More paintings:

pheasants “pheasants”

120 x 100 oilpainting on canvas

More paintings:

lion “lion”

oil on wood 40 x 40

More paintings:


oilpainting 120 x 100

More paintings:

Champion foal “Champion foal”


More paintings: