Liene Vandevoorde

liene vandevoorde

Location: Belgium

I was born in Blankenberge on November 18, 1962, under the constellation of the scorpion. Even when I appear calm and self-controlled, a seething emotional energy churns beneath the calm surface. You can see this energy in my artwork, where powerful lines and colors frame the softness of the human body. Often Scorpions have piercing eyes that look right through you, with those eyes I constantly observe the people around me, I pick up on the subtle nuances and then incorporate them into my art. Scorpions have tremendous self-discipline, they are very persistent, strong-willed and passionate. But at the same time they are very sensitive and easily touched by their emotions. This duality is also always contained in my works. The tough, muscular body that reflects self-discipline more than once assumes a vulnerable pose. Fortunately, Scorpio's strong reasoning ability is balanced by their imagination and intuition. These gifts allow me to penetrate much deeper to the core of all kinds of issues. I do this not only in my art, but also during my daily work, in which I guide people who choose to live a healthy lifestyle. People who consciously choose the proverbial "mens sana in corpore sano".



In the series "Vintage Dreams" I recycle experiences from the past into new dreams. For example:
"Guardian angel" is about the loss of a loved one. After the immense sadness and anger, comes the peace of mind, the knowledge that you are being watched over.
"Beyond the senses" is about the many emotions that accompany the creation of new life. The sadness and the fear that it can go wrong, the overwhelming feelings when life is passed on. Some senses are switched off, others are enlarged out of proportion.
"Escape" is about choosing for freedom. The choice to get out of a hopeless situation, you don't just take it, you don't get out without tearing your clothes. But when you finally step through the gate, your life regains color.
"Anchored" is about being hopelessly in love. No longer being able to separate from each other, feeling connected with every fiber of your body. It gives you something to hold on to, in a turbulent sea full of emotions.

Beyond the Senses “Beyond the Senses”

Acrylic painting - 120cm/140cm - €1450

Guardian Angel “Guardian Angel”

Acrylic painting - 100cm/120cm - €1230

Anchored “Anchored”

Acrylic painting - 110cm/100cm - €1170

Between Blossom and Parchment “Between Blossom and Parchment”

Acrylic painting - 100cm/100cm - €1120

Babylove “Babylove”

Acrylic painting - 120cm/80cm - €1120