Parmide (armine Baghdasaryan)

Parmide  (Armine Baghdasaryan)

Location: France

Parmide /Armine Baghdasaryan/ hard of hearing Painter designer, born on 1974 in Armenia
Her exhibitions have had many success, her works are now part of private collections around the world, including Armenia , Canada , Germany, Japan, Russia , France etc.
Armenian TV presented a unique film on Deaf Artist Armine Baghdasaryan.
Since 2011 Armine Baghdasaryan lives and creates in France where she apperenced in a situation completely different from that of Armenia !!!!! Changed the characters, the theme of her arts. Here in France she discovered the world of refugees desperate and encouraging migrant refugees,
2006 Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts exhibition
Dear Armine Baghdasaryan, Congratulations! Your three artworks had been sold at the TIDFAF art exhibition .Three people who bought your artworks, and they are really love your artworks because it's so impression, inspiring, and feeling so reality. Your artworks had been so amazing ever they saw!
Dino Marasà Publisher, art Critic, Studio Byblos
"The art of Armine Baghdasaryan takes the viewer back in time, to a primordial art imbued with mystery, characterized by enigmatic but particularly elegant figures. What is evident in her works is this splendid praise to the woman in all its most beautiful and romantic faces. Her palette is full of the most disparate colors, they shine on her creations and give life to the represented figures and most important they are a clear expression of the inner world of the artist, and this characterizes her art as unique!!!
Parmide is certified artist rating By A. Akoun


mes peintures acryliques et à l’huile colorées

I created paintings on the situations and psychological human feelings ...

Award of God /Sold/ “Award of God /Sold/”

It’s me, from whom God took my hearing , but the place of it gave me the talent for drawing .
That is the Award of God !!!

With each other “With each other”

They found each other, their love radiating forever !!!

Happy in the their silence world “Happy in the their silence world”

Two deaf people meet, nobody understands them and can't' disrupt their lives they are happy in their silent world !

Eastern tale of love “Eastern tale of love”

In the Tale of their love happiness is visible - stormy and the same time so calm.

Nymph /Sold/ “Nymph /Sold/”

She is the symbols of beautiful love sacrificing

Forever beautiful /Sold “Forever beautiful /Sold”

She is so beautiful !!!!

Fate “Fate”

We are connected with fate, we are the branches of the same tree, have the same roots, but only the love that makes this tree strong, make it more persistent and beautiful

captive “captive ”

She becomes captive of her life of feeling

Réfugiés migrants

In the France she discovered a world of refugees, desperate and sad, happy and victorious ... and she made the drawings of refugees.
It is anxiety, uncertainty and fear for their lives and discriminatons that pushed these people to be refugees .
It's just for the feeling of being the man of the world !!!!

 Refugees “ Refugees”

It's just for the feeling of being the man of the world !!!!

 Hope a fulcrum “ Hope a fulcrum”

Desperate people are looking for a fulcrum of support in their reality, they hope to have found support for their future without danger to their calm and happy life!!!!

Nostalgia for my country “Nostalgia for my country”

Each imagines his country as holiness...

She and he “She and he”

In their non-sunny life, they find each other

State of trance “State of trance ”

As a result of due to fear, long and meaningless waits and excruciating state !!!!

C’est ce que la vie a vraiment

In our daily life there are many barriers, mysteries and miracles.

knight “knight”

the knights, which is missing in our reality