Ronald Neef, "Ro" is a creative mind
who, after years, the work of other artists
professionally framed
decided to take the brush himself.
Inspired by the many paintings
of others who are under his skillful hands
from 'canvas' to 'work of art'.
In his petit restaurant 'Captains's Cabin'
in the Rotterdam Shipping Quarter
in recent years, the first
signs of his ambitions are visible by
means of organising various
exhibitions of friendly painters. "The
Cap' was then transformed with attention
an ideal location for varnishing.
The creativity that Ro has in the daily
life as a chef
taste buds of the guests to spoil
in his spare time has led to a
colourful and abstract way of
painting that he did via social media with many
and for which he garners great praise.
He describes his pleasure in making
abstract works such as 'ideas that are in the making
always turn out differently, and as a result,
exciting and staying'.
In addition to his passion for cooking and painting
Ro can also lose himself completely in
framing, among other things, paintings, photographs,
Posters. Or rather, anything that
list deserves. The greatest pleasure for Ro
is to create a beautiful image that is so important to you
to turn into a real
eye-catcher with a nice list.
Ronald Neef


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