Gershon Kelman

Gershon Kelman

Location: Israel

I have been a photographer for 50 years. I was accepted to the California Institute of the Fine Arts in Valencia, California. I have shown my work in several galleries all over the United States and Europe. I have received awards from the City of Los Angeles.


Pop Photography

The images in my photography were colorized in order to enhance the subject to make them a unique and one of a kind photograph.

Half of Me “Half of Me”

a candid shot of a woman in a restaurant in Venice Beach, California

Double “Double”

The subject was leaning against a mirror which made a reflection of herself at Union Station in Los Angeles, California

Danger “Danger”

This subject was taken at Union Station in Los Angeles, California

Flash “Flash”

This was taken in Time Square in New York City.

The Darkside “The Darkside”

Fire escape in downtown Los Angeles, California