Robert Feldman

I have always admired the works of classical artists.

After many years of having a conventional executive career I finally made the decision to become a full time artist.

My paintings depict unspoiled scenes that allows one to contemplate and reflect.

I have a small but discerning clientele on both sides of the Atlantic that prefer art they visually understand and appreciate.

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Coastal California

800 miles of coastal contrast.

Rocky coastlines, cliffs, mountains, sandy beaches, mysterious coves, fog, clouds and sun.

"Marine Layer" “"Marine Layer"”

Half Moon Bay, CA

"Blue Moon" “"Blue Moon"”

Mendocino, CA

"Stormy" “"Stormy"”

Carmel Highlands, CA

"Last Light" “"Last Light"”

Mendocino, CA

"Ripples" “"Ripples"”

Montecito, CA

"Lazy" “"Lazy"”

Bodega Bay, CA

"Cliff Walk" “"Cliff Walk"”

Mendocino, CA

"Ocean Glow" “"Ocean Glow"”

Pismo Beach, CA

"Illumination" “"Illumination"”

Sonoma Coast, CA

"Headlands" “"Headlands"”

Mendocino, CA

"Flame" “"Flame"”

Carmel Highlands, CA

"Surf" “"Surf"”

Monterey Peninsula, CA

"Red Sky" “"Red Sky"”

Bodega Bay, CA

"Splash" “"Splash" ”

Carmel Highlands, CA

"Moonlight" “"Moonlight"”

Mendocino, CA

"Moon Glow" “"Moon Glow"”

Monterey County, CA

"Daybreak" “"Daybreak"”

Mendocino County, CA

Intriguing Landscapes

Colorful and mysterious, a natural art exhibit.

"Dusk" “"Dusk" ”

Cannon Beach, OR

"Half Dome" “"Half Dome"”

Yosemite Valley, CA

"Valley Evening" “"Valley Evening"”

Death Valley, CA

"Autumn" “"Autumn"”

Hudson River Valley, NY

"Twilight Sail" “"Twilight Sail"”

Alpes-Maritimes, FR

"Secret Garden" “"Secret Garden"”

Mendocino County, CA

"Rugged" “"Rugged"”

Alps-Maritimes, FR

"Hidden Cottage" “"Hidden Cottage"”

La Roque-Gageac, FR

"Fireball" “"Fireball"”

Death Valley, CA