Robert Feldman

I have always admired the works of realism and impressionist painters of the past.

After an executive career in sales and marketing I decided to dedicate myself to oil painting and fulfill a lifelong interest.

My paintings depict unspoiled solitary scenes that allows one to contemplate and reflect.

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Coastal California

"Stormy" “"Stormy"”

Carmel Highlands, CA

"Last Light" “"Last Light"”

Mendocino, CA

"Ripples" “"Ripples"”

Montecito, CA

"Lazy" “"Lazy"”

Bodega Bay, CA

"Headlands" “"Headlands"”

Mendocino, CA

"Flame" “"Flame"”

Carmel Highlands, CA

"Surf" “"Surf"”

Monterey Peninsula, CA

"Sunset" “"Sunset" ”

Big Sur, CA

"Breezy" “"Breezy"”

Mendocino, CA

“Sparkle” ““Sparkle””

Pismo Beach, CA

"Red Sky" “"Red Sky"”

Bodega Bay, CA

"Splash" “"Splash" ”

Carmel Highlands, CA

"Moonlight" “"Moonlight"”

Mendocino, CA

"Daybreak" “"Daybreak"”

Mendocino County, CA

Evening Sail “Evening Sail”

Mendocino Coast, CA

Kaleidoscope “Kaleidoscope”

Carmel Highlands, CA

Cypress Tree “Cypress Tree”

Monterey Peninsula, CA

American Landscapes

Autumn “Autumn”

Hudson River Valley, NY

Cochella Valley “Cochella Valley”

Palm Desert, CA

Half Dome “Half Dome”

Yosemite Valley, CA

Lone Sail “Lone Sail”

Cape Cod, MA

Pond “Pond”

Nantucket, MA

Blizzard “Blizzard”

Manchester, VT

Dusk “Dusk”

Canon Beach, OR

Sandstorm “Sandstorm”

Death Valley, CA

Mountain Sunset “Mountain Sunset”

Sierra Nevada, CA

Hudson Highlands “Hudson Highlands”

Cold Spring, NY

Secret Forest “Secret Forest”

Mendocino County, CA

Desert Sunset “Desert Sunset”

Death Valley, CA