Location: Germany


Along the time

A long time is my journey to show what I did for myself, in time and the time, non give time to myself, and also at it is transiting into my space.
Such ironic thoughts bring me to one road full of unimaginable universes without frontiers.
Make life full of choices and no limits.
Up to that time, I decided in which universe I was, am, and will want to be.
The feeling is an open fraction of this self-time.
No, give a damm opportunity to the actions made by the interactive game.
I do not know anything; nothing is at the same measurable and confused clock.
I don't want to make sense because I feel all the sensations. Is it enough?

no title “no title”

The space around this place to me is magical, and I find a profound connection with winter moment that could be the Nordsee summer