Richard Stewart

Tampa, Forida-based photographer/artist Richard Stewart has worked as a journalist and photographer for more than 55 years. He received a B.A. in Communication from UC Berkeley in 1972 and has traveled extensively. He has worked as a photojournalist, portrait photographer, PR/publicity photographer and a fine art printer. A travel book on Istanbul that he wrote and illustrated with his photographs was published in 1975. More recently he has focused on fine art photography. His photographs can be found in an increasing number of private, public and corporate art collections. They are available in fine art galleries on Anna Maria Island and St. Petersburg, including ArtWorks gallery, and on his website (

To me, a fine art photograph starts with a compelling image that captures the viewer’s attention and imagination and evokes some feeling or emotion. Creating it involves controlling light and tonal values and eliminating elements that distract.

I’ve embraced digital photography because of the wide range of creative options it offers. I use computer tools in much the same way I once used darkroom tools to achieve similar results. With a digital pen and digitizing tablet and an array of software programs, filters and digital techniques, I work to create images which are unique.

Occasionally, I take digital technology a step further, using the digital tools to create painterly, impressionistic effects to enhance my photographs. I soften the lines, mute the colors and alter tonal values to impart the look and feel of watercolors, while maintaining photographic realism.


Girl With Wine

Young Turkish woman letting her hair down, passing the wine bottle amidst ancient ruins of a Roman amphitheater. A woman with an attitude!

Stairs & Lantern “Stairs & Lantern”

Shadows add complexity and contrast to this photograph in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.