Sabine Leclercq Haanaes

Sabine Leclercq Haanaes

Location: Belgium

Fascinated by the power of colours and painting as an expression of liberty and happiness, Sabine Haanæs is a Belgian artist who experienced an urge to paint to represent visually what she felt over a decade ago.

In contrast to the rigor and structure of her education and first work experiences, Sabine's artwork conveys freedom and spontaneity, mix nuances and textures in an agile pursuit of aesthetics and emotion. She paints to express and loves to make different materials work together harmoniously. She refuses to limit her creation to a single type of paint or tool and uses multiple and untraditional materials and techniques, Sabine inspiration comes from contrasting surroundings, impulsive impressions and her unique interpretation of colour.

Sabine paints on large canvases with a wide range of materials including acrylics, modelling paste, inks, sprays and tools such as spatulas, sponges or scrapers. She plays on the interaction between these materials, combining shades and transparency with a broad range of nuances to create a free and energy-filled art. Her works have been exhibited and sold in Norway, Belgium, the Netherland and Switzerland, and appear in private collections throughout Europe.


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