Brad Burkhart

Brad Burkhart was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1949. He has lived in California for most of his adult life first in San Francisco and most recently in San Diego. He attended Kalamazoo College in western Michigan, where he graduated with a major in art and a minor in physics. He later received a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Michigan. As an undergraduate, the artist traveled extensively in Europe and was profoundly impressed by Renaissance and medieval artists. He was struck by the change of human consciousness from one of spiritual orientation to one of intellectual orientation. More recently he has been influenced by the writings of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Leonard Schlain (Art and Physics, The Goddess and the Alphabet), and Riane Eisler (The Blade and the Chalice) which address the reintegration of intuition with rationality as well as the writings of Suzi Gablick (Has Modernism Failed & The Reenchantment of Art) about the lack of meaning in modern art. The artist also has a persevering interest in the relationship of nature/ecology which has led him to become a leader in native habitat restoration in California. His art and restoration work both address the deep sense of alienation from self and nature which exists today.