Fay Wood

I've been an artist for more than 50 years...lots of experience in making both sculpture and two dimensional work. for more info, see my website - www.faywoodstudio.com or ask a question or two..at info@faywoodstudio.com I show my work in both the USA and Europe and online.



The Fay Wood Studio is a studio in the Hudson Valley of New York State where Fay Wood creates her art. In a long life, she has worked in a number of mediums: Sculpture - her favorite, evolving from hand carving of wood to using carvings with found objects, many of vintage materials,- painting oil on canvas or reversed on glass,- drawing, which is the beginning of it all,-and newer areas of endeavor-Collage with vintage materials, and , to ease some difficulties in her life (with the Covid 19 added) she began to work with tapestry and needlepoint ..very peaceful, but not as much fun as the others!

Hand, Apple, Snake =EVE “Hand, Apple, Snake =EVE”

My version of the "EVE" mythology.....31" x 12" x 14" wood, metal, composite shape, (found object assemblage)


A found object assemblage based on the myth of "Pope Joan" - the only female Pope - so far!36" x15.5" x 16" Created with gold leaf, wood, metal, jewelry, Copper Repousse


A beautiful four panel oil painting on canvas 22" x 80" full of subtle color, looks wonderful on a large wall


A collage using found paper, found vintage engravings, wasp nest paper, paint, glue, polymer gel 20.5" x 20"

Chapeaux series # 5 “Chapeaux series # 5”

A collage- #5 of a series of 8 pieces, all with found papers, found orig.drawing,ca.1959, vintage engraving & blueprints, pvc glue.17" x 13"