Jenny Richter

Jenny grew up and spent her wilder years in post wall Berlin sharing time and space with the other creative misfits. In her early twenties she moved to the USA trading her chaotic flow for a more directed focus on building a foundation to create a family and a deeper understanding of her entanglement with the life web surrounding her.

Jenny Richter finds the summarizing of a person into a crisp artist statement a rather dubious task.

As a well trained and highly self propelled painter and sculptor, as well as an Akashic browser, hypnosis facilitator, surface artisan in the construction sector and a visionary visualizer, she is hard to pin point yet her favorite occupation is to ponder beneath the pines.

Now she is learning to merge back into her natural flow state that has always been defined by the desire to observe, create and remember.


Timeless Memories

Inquiry II “Inquiry II”

Inverse translucent print of Inquiry I , installed in led light box