Tatiana An

“I paint because I can’t help but paint. Sometimes if I am far from my studio, I simply describe my impressions of the world around me, music, nature, in order to then try to portray them. I’m deeply convinced that an artist should be free from criticism and prejudice. He or she should also be free from fears, including the fear of changing themselves and their art.”

1961 - born in Kiev (Ukraine)
1992 - graduated from the magistracy of the Kiev Polygraphic Institute, the faculty of book illustration.
1995 - 2009 - lived in Greece
2005 to 2007 - participated in several group exhibitions in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.
2008 - personal exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of the island of Mykonos (Greece)
Since 2009 - lives in the Netherlands
2016, 2018, 2020 - participated in the OSTEN Biennale of Drawing in Skopje (Macedonia), in 2020 she was shortlisted.
2017 - double exhibition in Ukraine (Kiev).
2018 - double exhibition in the Netherlands (Baarn).
2019 - group exhibition in Kiev (Sofia Kiev)
2020 - group exhibition Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest
2020 - group exhibition at the Museum of the History of Kiev (Ukraine)
2021 - group exhibition VAA International Online Art Exhibition
2021 - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair TOAF60
2021 - 5th London Art Biennale
2021 - 13th Florence Biennale

Works are in the Municipal Gallery of Mykonos, the Museum of Drawing in Skopje, the Museum of the History of Kiev and in private collections in Europe and the United States.


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