Anna Morrel

Anna Morrel

Location: Japan


Anna Morrel is a Pennsylvanian artist living and working in Nara, Japan. A self-taught artist, she is interested in exploring textures and colors that mimic entropic processes in nature. She works primarily with acrylics and texture additives, painting on both canvas and wood panels. Her works range in description from dark and evocative to a childlike celebration of life’s fleeting nature.

Long fascinated with the decay and weathering of natural materials (especially oxidation of metals such as rust) and the transformation of materials by moss and mold growth, Anna Morrel creates similar textures in her works to provoke a sense of awe for the passage of time in her viewers. Constantly grappling with the unabating progression toward death, her works represent a struggle to come to terms with one’s own mortality and find beauty in entropic processes.
Some of her influences include Andrew Wyeth, George Brecht, Jackson Pollock, Thornton Dial, Balthasar Denner, and Anselm Kiefer.




Selected Works

selected acrylic works from 2022

Flowers in Vase “Flowers in Vase”

28 cm x 38 cm, acrylics on canvas, 2022

echoes “echoes”

acrylics, stucco, and ink on canvas - F4 size (2022)

komorebi 木漏れ日 “komorebi 木漏れ日”

acrylics and pumice on canvas, SM-size (2022)

self portrait “self portrait”

Acrylics on Canvas 230mm x 300mm (2022)

nightmare “nightmare”

Acrylics on Canvas 530mm x 333mm (2022)

Blossoms in the Gloaming “Blossoms in the Gloaming”

Acrylics on Canvas 455mm x 380mm (2022)