Anna Morrel

Anna Morrel

Location: Japan

I'm an American artist/musician living in Japan. My favorite medium to use are soft pastels, but I also use inks and water colors and enjoy digital photography.


Soft Pastels (mostly!)

my experiments with soft pastels - i use Gondola 36-piece soft pastel set

i also dabble in ink and water colors

Landscape “Landscape”

landscape that i created in Japan's rainy season during my seclusion at home, 2020

Reclining “Reclining ”

portrait of my husband that i created during our engagement, 2017

Texture “Texture”

experimenting with texture and resistance. i was, again, influenced by japan's rainy season. ajisai (hydrangea) thrive in the constant rain and i felt inspired by them, 2020

Portrait “Portrait”

inspired by a book cover from a russian novel by ivan bunin featuring a similar portrait, i tried my hand at copying the style in watercolors. i created this portrait when i was a college student, 1996