Horyma (igor&irina)

Artist & Musician, Photographers, LightGraphers, Experimenters...

LightGraphic - is painting by light in front of lens (camera) on a long exposure, almost like artist draw paints on canvas.




Book (it is not published yet):
"Notes of the lightgrapher" ("Diary of the lightgrapher")



The photos is executed in technique «LightGraphic» or «The painting of light», that assumes illumination of model by small light sources in darkness on long exposure.
Thus, all lightcloth (composition) - is one Photo Exposition, is embodied on a matrix of the camera in one click of a shutter.

We don't aspire to transfer reality of an image though it too is possible.
It is interesting to us to create characters with character, mood, emotion.
In LightGraphic light-color is possible to apply to coloring of the necessary planes, creating an image-mood. And also we painting by light on a body model patterns.

Sometimes photos, executed in such a way, we use as sketches for creation of subject compositions in the graphic editor.
The graphic editor we use as virtual a canvas, brushes and paints. Plug-ins and filters are not used.