Oscar Cambra

Oscar Cambra

Location: Spain

I’m an artist and scientist living in Madrid, Spain. My artwork is inspired by natural colors and shapes in which I intent to represent the decline of human beings and the degradation of nature. There is always a double sense, a natural beauty that covers a real “beast” made by savage humans and that always ends with nature’s contamination or ecological degradation.

As a scientist, I am specialized in the study of the decay of organic tissues, at macro and microscopical level. That scientific discipline is called Taphonomy and using this conceptual area, I investigate how organism from the past “arrive” preserved to our times. But I have always accompanied the scientific investigation with the artistic exploration. I enjoy using the painting to translocate those feelings of a screaming agonizing nature that are impossible to register in scientifical analysis. With art procedures I try to recreate scenes of dystopic landscapes, always simple as possible, where intense natural raw colors project surrealists’ ecosystems with collage people, humanoid deities, reactive animals or just symbols or signals, all of them, looking for what can be extract from both colliding worlds, art and science.


R-Nacimiento (The revolution of nature)

Humanity has definitely abandoned the natural world. This is the main thinking that evokes me the necessity to investigate which are the landscapes of waiting, those places in which time is frozen and in which nature tries to advise us about the end of times.
Our evolution, our way of life, is now completely differentiated from ancient humans’ populations, which were in connection with nature because of necessity. Nowadays, people just think about the present as happy cyborgs, immortals, with no problems and which is more important, with no questions. Meanwhile, the animals observe us astonished. The landscapes have turned bright and with smooth raw colors. Unreal and surrealist scenes have begun to describe the macro and micro-events that constitute the real ecological dynamics. Which will be our destiny in this scene? What will evolution do with us?

Circulo Apolar (80x100 cm) “Circulo Apolar (80x100 cm)”

This scene represents the drama of animal suffering

Matria Rekonstruovat (80x100 cm) “Matria Rekonstruovat (80x100 cm)”

This scene represents how humans try to hide the secrets of pollution

Nature  (80x100 cm) “Nature (80x100 cm)”

What is hidden behind the idyllic nature?

R-Nacimiento  (80x120 cm) “R-Nacimiento (80x120 cm)”

The dystopia of human rebirth...

Workers  (80x100 cm) “Workers (80x100 cm)”

We keep working under your feet...