Kimberley Smith

Kimberley is a well know Montclair, NJ artist. Mediums she uses are Gouache on Illustration board and Digital Art. If you love the use of color and movement in art, you will love her work


Esoteric Collection

Beautiful shapes and colors define this portfolio of abstract digital art. Some pieces are ethereal other bold.

Under the Sea “Under the Sea”

Beautiful ethereal movement and softness in the use of color.

New Angel “New Angel”

Simplistic design and bold color.

Stonehenge “Stonehenge ”

Bold colors and mystical elements, give this piece an LSD point of view.

Puzzel “Puzzel”

Simplistic design concept with lots of movement, invokes wonder and thought.

The Music “The Music”

You can almost hear a crackling and pop of what makes music sound amazing! Movement and amazing color invokes a story about the concert.

The Rose “The Rose”

A beautiful story about one rose.