Nina Rassen

Alien Princess Heiress of the Earth.


Little alien princess.

Body: Direct descendant of the Old Russian royal family.

Occupation: Nugget artist.

NINA RASSEN is an artist with an individual unique handwriting. Many plots come to life in her paintings: ancient forgotten knowledge from the Universal Library transmitted through the blood of ancestors; as well as alien knowledge - through this communication channel, intergalactic news is transmitted to us in an understandable format for all earthlings.

Pictures are packed meanings, which are unzipped through the artist's brush. The multidimensionality of the narrative and the transmission of the energy impulse are all in her paintings.

First body formation: Engineer Systems Engineer of Aircraft and Spacecraft. (Russia)

Hotel Marketing and Management (Australia)

Cosmetics Marketing (Australia)

Classical art: art and music schools (Russia)

Place of the body: The princess is a worldwide person, she lived for a long time in Australia (Sydney), therefore, in her work, someone can even see the motives of the aborigines of the mainland. She often lived in Italy, the city of Venice, which she really misses - this city can be recognized in some of her works.

Paris - spent the lion's share of her life in this city, due to her professional work for one famous French cosmetic luxury brand.

Moscow - London - Prague - Paris - Sydney - Venice - Vienna - Amsterdam.

Other Experience: In real three-dimensional life, the Princess has organized numerous events: both her own and client's for luxury segment companies, including in cooperation with Fashion TV; exhibitions both own and jointly with other artists; and also is a representative and has all the powers to officially represent the interests of another descendant of the famous royal family.

All cities were home at certain moments of life for the body, and despite this, the planet Earth itself for a long time did not seem to her as her home, because the revived spirit of the Princess was originally from another planet and the acceptance of the Earth as home was a whole long process.

Despite the fact that the Princess went on air with her works relatively recently, many famous brands, including luxury fashion giants of the industry, are ready and already offer her various collaborations.

Former colleagues from the fashion and beaty industry describe it as:

“A natural born and super charismatic leader-generator, a luxurious and powerful driving force that is an absolute pleasure to work with. An inexhaustible source of inspiration and vitality. "

Look at all the works of the limited edition on one resource.

Do you believe in the transmigration of souls and that the soul is energy and it does not disappear anywhere, but only changes its shape, state or body?
Do you believe there is another dimension?

And believe in life on other planets and a parallel universe?

Everything consists of energy that only changes or takes shape.

The quantum unconscious is closer than you think.

"In the image and likeness" 51 + 49 = 49 + 51 - Quantum symmetry without counting and writing. The possibility of some electrons interacting with each other.

Many call the Heavenly inhabitants Gods, some call them aliens, and those Gods who live on Earth are called Asami (that is, God who lives on Earth).

According to ancient chronicles, 450,000 years ago, the face of the Earth was completely different, and the largest country was Daaria.

And the ancestors called this space RASSENIA - the territory over which the RASA settled, included the first settlers from other systems 4 main royal or divine space families: da'Aryans, h'Aryans, Rasens and Svyatoruses.

So where did the souls of the first royal families who arrived here go?

And where is the spirit of the Blood Princess of such a large country?

Remember that energy does not disappear anywhere?

Space portals (or gates) open only at certain times, for example, when a parade of planets.

Space ships are no longer needed to move in space, only a feedback and suitable bodies are needed. So, in secret, aliens have long been among us. But, as a matter of fact, they did not go anywhere, and like many of those who arrived or fell asleep here on the platform Earth, they were in suspended animation for centuries, living another scenario of incarnation.

As many seers claim the artist Nina Rassen is the revived incarnation of the Daarius princess, the body was not chosen by chance and by blood.

Direct well-established space communication allows it to transmit information in a 9-dimensional format.

"The soul is eternal", as they say in many religions and teachings, and Princess Ra has already found her team of the first and eternal ones.

Deep centuries-old interdimensional lost knowledge, ancient cosmic maps of the universe come to life and gain new light.

Many of the Princess's fans argue that the paintings even have a healing effect and help those in the know to enter an altered state of consciousness during meditation. They help with their power to open the eyes of sleeping people and provide a unique opportunity to expand the horizons of perception of reality.

The little alien Princess speaks to us in a language accessible and understandable to all of humanity, regardless of country, religion and religion, since inspiration is the only accessible and understandable language of interdimensional communication, understandable to any earthling, not to mention the representatives of the awakening Iparadarian race.

Welcome to Daaria.
The heiress is already here.


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