Victoria V

Victoria V

Location: Austria

Born in Ukraine and based in Vienna, Austria, Victoria V has incorporated in her art practice influences of Eastern European aesthetics as well as Western approach. Interested in ancient symbols and mythology, she combines intuitive yet expressive manner with contemporary influences, planting Kandinsky’s and Itten’s theories on form and color impact.

Victoria’s figurative as well as abstract artworks explore the humans’ social boundaries along with personal ones, engaging concepts of trance, subconsciousness, sexuality, mystics and symbolism; while different media (acrylics, markers, collage, papier-mâché, ink etc.) used in her practice allow Victoria to create multidimensional textured original artworks with strong emotional vibes.



My recent works are connected with human's body. It's an research on our sexuality, sensuality and our body.

Thinking Of You “Thinking Of You”

This artwork is a tribute to erotic side of our lives, when one is accepting this side of his/her life absolutely without any guilt or confusion, enjoying sexuality and giving sensual joy to his/her partner(s).

Be My A. “Be My A.”

This artwork contains my body print in red color as a basic structure, depicting the concept of the alter-ego of a personality. The vivid red-golden and pink colour palette of the artwork reminds us about the romantic stage of love at its very beginning, when one perceives its partner as the one and only, as well as angelic wings hint on it. However, one might see a demon's tail, which embodies the duality and versatility of each phenomenon in our life...

Be My D. “Be My D.”

This artwork has a basis of my black-coloured body print, reminding about the alter-ego of a personality. The deep and intense colour palette depicts the zenith of love, when one might see almost all the facets of the partner, not only the light and positive side. The embracing gesture of the demonic wing features the partner's strive to be accepted in a full measure, while showing not only his/her bright side of personality, and the golden liquid in the right hand symbolises gratitude for the full acceptance.