Anne De Suède

Anne de Suède

Location: France

Born in Sweden, now living and working in the south of France. I am working with emotions and now i have the subconscious as my theme. The ink, aquarelle are spontanous, that is why i choose that technique on thick paper to get the autenticity. I am working with other techniques also, depending the emotion I want to create.Have been exposing all over the world. This year with online galleries only


Memories, memories

Reflection and the life before and after has been the most of interest for me this time. Beeing long from my nearest, in three confinments has putting the finger on things that was not obvious before.

Memories “Memories ”

People are coming and going in life. It is like sitting on a train. You take a seat, beside you some are coming and some are going on the next stop. Some are making all journey with you. Some are dying. But all of them are in ypur memories