Valeriy Zharkikh

Dreamscapes of abstraction emerge from Russian artist Valery Zharkih’s brushstrokes, bringing to life a visual world of serenity and calm that cannot help but soothe both body and soul. Infused in the richness of the artist’s pigments is a positive and uplifting message of healing, a sense of well-being designed to improve viewers’ lives. Working in oil on canvas, Zharkih explores issues of color, texture, and form with an invigorating freedom. With a sweeping spiritual energy, the atmospheric hues softly blend and flow with light and motion.
Born in a small mining town in southern Russia, Zharkih’s life’s work has been a career in medicine. This was the original inspiration for pursing art, initially as a hobby, through the realization of its beneficial and therapeutic effects for patients. Self-taught in both oils and watercolors, Zharkih creates works which touch viewers on an emotional and physical level, bringing comfort and a sense of wholeness through art.

Artist Statement
I have never studied painting, so my work was able to grow unconfined by the canons of art history and received wisdom. In fact, my very first picture emerged to help one of my patients regain his zest for life. It was hugely successful, the intense color and light had a very beneficial effect on his condition. Having seen so much of the diverse culture and nature that is part of Russia, I am never lost for subjects, and my years of medical practice have taught me to feel people’s state of mind, which brings a spirituality to my works. This is always the most gratifying thing for me as an artist – seeing the reflection of the light of my paintings in the eyes of a viewer, giving him joy and strength of spirit.