Aakriti Tandon

Aakriti Tandon

Location: India


Aesthetically Abstract

This is a random collection of some of my art. For more follow on INSTAGRAM @aesthetically_abstract_

The Abstract Lion “The Abstract Lion”

This is an abstract lion portrait made using poster colours on black paper.

Perfume Decanters “Perfume Decanters”

This is a sketch of two perfume bottles I created using Charcoal pencils. I used pencils directly for the bottles and
charcoal stick and cotton for the background and shadows

The White Orchid “The White Orchid”

The background was made using swatches of paint with dark colours and detailing was done in the flower to make it stand out.

Lord Ganesha “Lord Ganesha”

This is a sketch of the Lord Ganesh. Light and shadow is drawn to show depth and the background is completely
black to make the portrait stand out.

Kathakali “Kathakali”

This is the portrait of a south Indian dancer. It shows the makeup and crown worn by the dancer during their
performances. It shows the dress worn by the dancer.