Leif Sohlman

Leif Sohlman

Location: Sweden

Leif was born in Enköping, Sweden. moved to Stockholm in an age of 4 years where I went in school and had his work. Lived fore some decades in the archipelago of Stockholm. Went back to Enköping after retirement.He like nature photographing Have also photographed some old buildings. Leif have experimented with some abstract and creative developments in processing. Started digital photographing in 2011 after retirement.

Leif Sohlman is a citizen of city Enköping Sweden where he finds most of his motives. He started photographing as a young boy, but had no time for it until retirement Then with a digital camera he found new ways to develop his skills and expressions in fotografic art. Leif Sohlman was born in city Enköping, but moved to City Stockholm where he lived until retirement. Leif Sohlman is rewarded in black and white spiderr awrds, International Color Awards, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery and Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. Leif is mainly a nature photographer taking his motives from the surroundings of city Enköping, Sweden. Nature is an inspiration and source to his work.



Photograpy, digital art and mixed media images of flowers

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Magnolia white “Magnolia white”

Magnolia white was found in city Enkoeping (Enkoping) april 2021. The white flower is beginning to unfold and the petals are shifting in colour white and yellow. In this square art presentation the background is blended to an abstract landscape.
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Small blue “Small blue ”

Small blue is a photo of a little blue flower with droplets after a snowy day. The dark background is made by digital blending. The petals are blue with a little orande/yellow colours.
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Daffodil yellow “Daffodil yellow”

Daffodil yellow. a mix of a photographed daffodil and an abstract digital paintin in the background. The yellow and ornge petals of the flower is light up against the dark background. The background is created by digital blending technic. The original photography was captured in Gardens of city Enkoeping) Enkoping)
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In the green “In the green”

An imperial-crown flower standing tall in one of the gardens of city Enkoeping (Enkoping) spring 2021.