Paul Robin Mcnulty

Paul Robin McNulty

Location: Australia

I am an Australian Painter and Sculptor born in 1952 I studied art all through high school and after high school in various courses I prefer to do Abstract works and mostly work in mixed media. Many of my works are very textured I have exhibited around the world and have been featured in books and magazines I have also won several awards. I am on twitter @ PRMcNulty ART.

This is what was said about my work with my exhibition at M.A.D.S Gallery Milan by the art Directors: Alessandra Magni and Carlo Greco, the art curator was: Denise Lattanzio.

"Paul McNulty is an Australian abstract painter and sculptor who, being also a sculptor, works by inserting mixed materials creating abstract atmospheres full of feeling that emerge from the flat background of the canvas, therefore works that induce the idea of a tactile perception through their trespassing through the space. Some of his works seem to be charged with a geometric research of the material itself that seems to unite and confuse the neoplastic idea of Mondrian with the action painting of Pollock through the three-dimensionality of Burri and the spatial conceptuality of Fontana. A mixture of abstract and conceptual reworked in a contemporary way that whispers different emotions and sensations to the users ear and heart. The works of McNulty seem to dig into the soul of the person, protract themselves outside to lead them inside, to the interweaving of colors and materials that turn out to be also the tangle of feelings and perceptions of the observer himself. A discovery of the work that becomes a self discovery. The titles themselves are the link between abstraction and sentiment, emblematic titles of sensations, something that cannot be touched in itself but that becomes perceptible through the use of three-dimensional materials. The lifeline within the effervescent sea of human feelings."

Part of an email I received from Lala Ferrer from the organizing committee for the 2023 Barcelona International Art Fair: " As an Established Artist with a unique and noteworthy style we believe that your works would be a great edition to this year's lineup."

I have been awarded the CAREER ART AWARD 2023 it is for Artist who have distinguished themselves over the years in the field of Visual Arts with consistent international quality works it will be awarded in September 2023 at the Teatro of Casino San Remo Italy.

I have also been awarded the " Oscar Award for Creativity " it will be presented on 23rd September 2023 at the Salon Sincerity in Monte Carlo Bay - Principality of Monaco French Riveria. I have also been awarded the " Art Diamond - Museum Artist " Award
it is for Artist who stand out in the difficult field of contemporary art and for the artist that in the opinion of the Curators are worthy of entering museums around the world with their art. The winners of the award will also appear in the book " Contemporary Celebrity Masters " Vol V in the section dedicated to the winners.


My paintings

Blue Burst “Blue Burst”

Acrylic on canvas 2mtrs x 2mtrs.

Circulation. “Circulation.”

Mixed Media on canvas 2.5mtrs x 1.165mtrs.

Effervescent Cocktail. “Effervescent Cocktail.”

Mixed Media on canvas 2mtrs x 2mtrs.

Circular Dimensions. “Circular Dimensions.”

Acrylic on canvas 1.5mtrs x 1mtr.

A splash of colour “A splash of colour”

Mixed Media on canvas 2mtrs x 1.5mtrs.