Alejandro Ruiz González-laberinto Estigia

Alejandro Ruiz González-Laberinto Estigia

Location: Mexico

Alejandro Ruiz González- Stygian Labyrinth [Mexico 1970]
zagadkalitham † Spiral Path †
He studied architecture (Intercontinental University), scenography (National School of Theater Art-INBA) and a master's degree in creativity for design (EDINBA).
His artistic work includes different techniques: oil, watercolor, graphics, mixed media, video art, drawing and ink, as well as scenery and lighting for theater and opera.
The artistic work is a metaphor for non-existent freedom, the characters are trapped in a pictorial surface. There are three stages throughout artistic life: the first of exploration and confirmation of the style (zagadkalitham †), the second where it returns to a symbolism (Spiral Path †) and the last as a denial of oneself to start from a new place (Stygian Labyrinth), which represents the solid, the sublime, the emptiness is symbolized by the blank surface and chance is an important element in artistic production
Two fundamental thematic axes are also identified: animals and the human body as a reflection of loneliness, in addition to emptiness, they always look nostalgically at infinity. On the other hand, the obelisks and boats that represent the static and the ethereal. The thematic lines are linked by spheres that represent an aleph, representation of worlds within others, symbolizing each of the works, weaving the universe that goes from a bird, to an insect, to a monolith lost in the mist, then to a woman or any character arises from a formal and sensitive experimentation.
The work has been published on the covers of books and poetry magazines both nationally and internationally, has individual and group exhibitions internationally.


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