Irina Selina

Irina Selina, born in 1984, the city of Astrakhan. From childhood, she absorbed an extraordinary combination of the borderline world of the industrial West and the spiritual East. Naturally, a new individuality with a distinctive perception of the surrounding world has grown up in this environment. She now lives and works in Moscow. The artist prefers to create with ink, watercolors and stained glass paints, periodically mixing these techniques. Black and white graphics mixed with watercolors or bright stained glass paints on glass perfectly convey realistic and romantic scenes of paintings. The mystical and symbolic images used by the artist in most of her works better convey the meaning of the emotional and sensual component of the paintings. Irina was educated at the Children's Art School No. 1 in the city of Astrakhan. Since 2000 participant of more than 100 international and Russian exhibitions in Moscow, London, Paris. Her art can be seen in international online galleries, catalogs and magazines, in numerous author's books and almanacs of poets, as well as in private collections. In 2019. the artist held a personal exhibition in the technique of stained glass painting on glass "Kaleidoscope of Colors", Moscow. Irina is a member of the international club of artists CIRCLE FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS. The artist is currently working on a series of projects related to the culture and mythology of different countries. She also plans to organize a personal exhibition in the technique of graphics and watercolors.
2006-2019 - Artist-designer, collections of poems and literary almanacs of the authors of the "Members of the Union of Writers" in various cities of Russia.
2016 - International competition "Ethno Art Fest 2016", Moscow, London.
2017 - International competition of works of small format "Un Seul Grain de Riz", Paris.
2018 - Russian exhibition "Winter Postcards", Moscow.
2018 - International competition "Ethno Art Fest 2018", Moscow.
2017-2021 - International online exhibitions "Colors of Humanity", Art Gallery
2019 - Personal exhibition "Kaleidoscope of Colors", Moscow.
2016 - International catalog "I AM - International Art Masters"
2017 - Magazine magazine, 43
Since 2018 paintings are in private collections.


My universe

Painted paintings are reflections of my own feelings, events, thoughts and emotions, inspired by culture, nature, religion, music, philosophy, literature, mythology of various civilizations.