Lea Hope Bonzer

Lea Hope Bonzer is born and raised in Croatia and for the past 17 years, she lives in the USA where she owns a photography business. Her passion is creating all kinds of photography art while her favorite is Macro and Rustic / Industrial style where she can bring details to life and create a wonder of untold stories. Through her art, she tries to create tranquility, motivation, and inspiration.


lea hope bonzer

bringing details to life creating tranquility, motivation, and inspiration

mystical morning “mystical morning”

winter landscape

confidence “confidence”

lotus flower

clement “clement”

black and white flower

brio “brio”

colorado columbine

baut “baut”


invigorate “invigorate”

rain on rose

seldom “seldom”

rustic europe

hone in on “hone in on”

rustic dry flower

merit “merit”

yellow leaf

skimp “skimp”

rustic skates

poter “poter”

sunset clouds