Katrin Loy

Katrin Loy

Location: Germany


1969 born in Göppingen
1991 - 2001 Study of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Düsseldorf, Master Student at Prof. Jannis Kounellis
2005 - 2007 Postgraduate studies for Visual Arts and Therapy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
lives and works in Munich since 2002

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2015 "Photo works, photo collages and photo objects", Zentnerstrasse 19, Munich
2016 "Momentum", Gallery Space Robert Blume, Munich
2017 "Person and Dream", Kunsttreff Quiddezentrum, Munich
2017 "Dream Fragments", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2018 "Dream Fragments II", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2019 "Dream Fragments III", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2020 "Dream Images", werkstatt-galerie, Munich
2021 "Dream Images", Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs, CA
2021 "Myth and Archetype", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich

Group exhibitions (selection)

2015 Autumn Conference of DPV, Bad Homburg
2016 "Female Artists meet Hildegunde", Meerbusch
2016 "Nature and Men", National Park Municipality of St. Andreasburg
2016 "Bilder, Briefe, Noten LXXXIX", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2017 "Bilder, Briefe, Noten XC", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2018 "With Kind Regards V", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2019 "With Kind Regards VI", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2020 "With Kind Regards VII", Autoren Galerie 1, Munich
2020 "Sir John Hurt & Sworders Art Prize", Thurning, UK
2020 "Paris Photo Prize - State of the World", France
2020 "Milano Photo Awards", International Contemporary Exhibition, M.A.D.S. Milano
2021 "Infinite Dreams", Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
2021 "Emergence 2", the Glasgow Gallery of Photography, UK
2021 "Women in Art", Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2021 "VRAF 2021 / Virtual Art Fair", Contemporary Art Station, UK
2021 "VAA Online Spring Expo", Visual Artists Association, UK
2021 "The Tokyo Art Exhibition", Contemporary Art Station, Japan
2021 "River of Dreams", Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
2021 Borders Art Fair "Fragmented Identities", Itsliquid Group, Venice, Italy
2021 "Contemporary", Boomer Gallery, Tower Bridge London, UK
2021 "Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition", Atelier Natália Gromicho, Lisboa
2021 "Out of the Frame", The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, UK
2021 Art Fair "Alchemic Body", Itsliquid Group, London, UK
2021 "Sharing / BBK-Mitglieder stellen aus 2021", Galerie der Künstler/innen, Munich
2022 "Butterfly Effect", Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
2022 "Chelsea International Photography Competition", Online-Exhibition on ARTmine.com


2021 "Collector es Vision International Art Award"
2021 "Power of Creativity Art Prize"
2022 "Visions of Tomorrow Art Prize"


Abstract Figuration and Mindfulness

In this new series I deal with abstraction, meditation and mindfulness. The series is a work in progress.
In my artistic work, the essence and soul of man is at the centre, his struggle for a vision, his utopias and abysses, his confrontation with the self and the encounter with the other. It arises both from spontaneously emerging inner images as well as from ideas about the psychic and intuitive functions of man and about his archaic experiences.
It also feeds on a state of mind and emotions, in which consciousness walks on the small degree between the conscious and the subconscious, revealing something like an inner myth that leaves its mark in the form of artistic work. This process takes place in the hope that these traces, which have become visible in this way, will also touch or even infect the other, ideally a form of infection that allows the viewer to immerse himself in his own inner myth.
I work photographically with the overlay of images and/or digital image editing. Both the superimposition and the digital alienation of the images play a decisive role in my photographic work, since I am not concerned with the depiction of the found reality, but with the new imagery created by associative overlay or alienation of the original photographic image.
One might ask: Does the form in which we perceive the world sensually, thinking, feeling and intuitively grasp a composition of a perception of reality and associative-projective imagination actually correspond? And what exactly corresponds to reality and what corresponds to imagination? And what exactly is reality and what is fantasy? Ultimately, everything is a matter of consciousness... therefore, it is probably both and neither of them, and at the same time it is neither both nor neither of them... a PARADOX...
life is just a dream of a higher AWAKENING...