Robin J Sarner

“It’s my goal to create a body of work that visually defines my feelings.”

Robin has always expressed creatively and graduated with a B.S. in Art Education. Her passion for adventure took her from Miami, Florida to Southern California where she permanently lives. Her passion for art education continues as she serves local school districts as a presenting artist with her designed curriculum for student art programs grades K-12. Although classically trained, Robin was drawn to non-representational abstract art and the idea of expressing emotion. Her work became a visual and powerful narrative using color and line. She uses an intrinsic selection process of materials, basing her decisions on their layering quality, color, texture and how well they harmonize together on canvas. Robin has exhibited in Florida, New York, California and Spain.

When you stand in front of Robin’s work, it is her intent that the viewer see and feel her emotional narrative and connection to her power.


Frustrated Landscape

66X48 Acrylic, charcoal, chalk pastel and graphite pencil on canvas.