Robin J Sarner

Classically trained but abstract by choice, my hope is to convey emotion and leave the viewer with an experience. I draw creative ideas from nature walks, experiences and Mai my emotions. My current painting style is most automatic and intrinsic, nuanced and complicated and sometimes chaotic like my thoughts. I can’t help but to paint on large surfaces in a gestural, energized way to literally rid that emotional energy onto the canvas and out of my body.

I enjoy using the layering capabilities of mediums and collage elements mixed with acrylic paint, charcoal, oil and chalk pastel, graphite pencil, and random papers to help express different sized emotions, typically noticed by chaotic lines within my mark making. Lines are most important to me and seem to be an extension of my own nervous system. Occurring randomly but intentenly, lines become my narrative within the painting telling the story along with the color exposing the feelings. My compositions are erratic and are the only part of my process that requires extreme discipline.

I’m inspired by mid century abstract painters and enjoy creating and teaching abstract curriculum within the local school districts. My objective is to create curriculum that gives children the permission to be who they are within their art process while exploring the abstract.

My dream is have a big studio space to create even larger works and display them in a show with my best art friends!


Frustrated Landscape

66X48 Acrylic, charcoal, chalk pastel and graphite pencil on canvas.