Location: Sweden

I’m a Swedish self taught artist, living in Italy since 1994.Art has always been a part of my life. Even my mother was an artist, so I guess I got inspired in my childhood.
Between 2003-2014 I worked as a dancing teacher and after that I’ve been dedicating myself mostly to art.
I like to use different kind of media, sometimes only one kind, somtimes more kind of media in one work.
With collage i create portraits or figurative works, using my own photos.Then stamp on normal paper, using acrylic and pastel to complete the work.
With oil I love to create abstract works and with digital art I create and manipulate my photos on my telephone, what I simply call ‘phone-art’. Sometimes I develop the picture on some kind of support and create an artwork out of that, with different media.


Ballerina #1- rosa

A collage with paper ballerina on acrylic light pink colour, with details of pastel ( contour) and black feltip-pen for the shapes and one made with charcoal.
On Canvas, 80x90 cm,
side 1,8 cm

‘American football’

Digital-art, ‘Phone-art’;
photo of an street-advertising and manipulated on the phone.


basketball player


another player