Natasha Shoro

Natasha Shoro a contemporary visual artist. Born in Ithaca, New York to Pakistani parents and works and resides in Irvine, California.

Shoro's genres include abstract mixed media paintings, mixed media to site specific installations which address topics from her life experiences of being a woman with multi-cultural influences. She finds inspiration by the aerial cartographies and imagines herself immersed in nature and its surroundings. 

Natasha spent the first sixteen years of her life traveling extensively as her father worked in the hotel management business. Living in the United States, Africa, Europe and Pakistan exposed Natasha to a wide range of languages and culture. This rich overlap of experience has had a profound influence on Natasha’s art making.
With a BFA with honors and distinction from Iowa State University, Natasha spent her undergraduate years developing a body of work on paper and canvas using translucent acrylic washes inspired by Abstract Expressionism. Natasha's passion for mark-making in drawing and painting encourages a journey of self-discovery and investigation of personal space and overlapping identity. To further explore her creativity she received her MFA in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking from California State University, Fullerton.

The Essence of Being show was a mother-daughter shared world view that harmonizes creative expression through abstract painting, photography, and poetry. The concept behind the the Essence of Being was a product of Natasha's drive in celebrating roots and identity through her art, and Anushe Shoro's (Natasha's daughter) exploration of interconnectedness between herself and the environment. Both mother and daughter began this journey in early 2012 and this exploration can only best be shared through their artwork and the recently published book “NATASHA SHORO The Essence of Being” written by Anushe Shoro with art historian contributors Dr. Roberta Carasso, Meher McArthur, Marjorie Husain and Dr. Joanna Roche. Other published reviews by art critics Roberta Carasso in Art Scene California and by Dr. Joanna Roche in Artillery Magazine express the artists' connection with nature.
Natasha's paintings are in corporate collections worldwide with a major collection at CTBC Bank, USA - Los Angeles, California. Her paintings are included in numerous private and public art collections around the world.

Her recent work and exhibition of her site-specific installation One Last Breath carries a feeling of gratitude and infinite connection to life. The elements of water and air demonstrate a rhythmic flow in the being and the environment. This body of work holds meaning that is multi-dimensional; breathing as living, breathing while swimming and experiencing the movement of air - the breath itself. 

Life to Shoro is precious. Thus her curiosity about nature, its beauty and its effects on her emotional state of being has been her lifelong focus as an artist. One Last Breath explores AIR and WATER from her childhood experiences of being a traveler and a swimmer. 

The meaning of life influences her work. As she swims, she feels the fluid movement and the sensation of the water. She rises up for air and develops a rhythm, a pattern of breathing in and exhaling. This feeling evokes an urge and passion to spread her dreams and memories onto the surface. 

Influenced by the sensations of water and the wisps of air Shoro intuitively pours the colors with organic, fluid, crackled and textured marks. The more she indulges herself in experiencing air and water, the more connected she feels to the elements as they heal her being. Shoro invites you to experience air and water through her One Last Breath series which were exhibited at Orange Coast College’s Orange Frank M. Doyle Pavilion, curated by Tyler Stallings. Part of her most recent body of work, two paintings are part of a juried group show of abstract paintings at John Wayne airport in Orange County until end of June 2023, titled Sea of Clouds and Deep Waters.


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