Artists To You

Artists To You

Location: Japan




sacred waterfall


It is the ground in ascetic practices

Animal passage of 100 degrees difference

Using the animal was kept in mind trying a representation of 100 degrees difference in a single space. I would like to express the earth, camel, near the center of elephant walk is a continent, penguins, dolphins have the image of the sea. In 100-degree difference between the facial expressions and the penguins think it wonder felt margin of camels is happy if can feel the connection of coexistence.

Middle Ring

Stone pillar of the ring is to express the ring of the middle finger. Ring of middle finger, expresses the environment in which the implications that said that to facilitate the lover Wanted and relationships There are shared by everyone without type relationship of organisms. How the killer whales come closer is reminiscent to appear heterosexual love of a woman wearing a dress.

Lion heart of the 100² year

Two people each other staring lion and girl fireworks is taking shape, has lit the love. Deep in the water, trees multiplied by the long years has symbolized the Kokorone.

Under Seax

Sea to feel the love

Past and Present floating in the night sky

If you go If disappear from this world, in its place, which arrive will look what exactly. Represents the birth of the new to begin life in the organism of the sea, ride liked kid, remember to have seen in the futuristic building, life, was represented in the image that is floating in the space.

Symmetry of ice water in the sky

By utilizing the symmetry, by show the boundary as in the ice of the film, "the sky like ice", it expressed "the ground like water." Tropical animal might get looks a little hardened by the cold, but other creatures was created aware of the sense of movement. Such as weightlessness, I think that you enjoy the view of the world a sense of transparency.

Life of the beginning

From been born, it will be the world that have the baby until the brain develops.

Heart song of Idea

Animals draw ideal has a gorgeous feelings, it is full of what you want to convey to people. Animals go exit from bound environment (cage) is going to bloom to express that I think in my heart.