Michele Benzamin-miki

Painting and drawing since the early 70’s. I am a self taught artist of Japanese and American heritage. I began my career as a graphic and commercial artist, switching to fine art in the early 90’s. My work is a blending of Expressionism and Realism, using Japanese inks and Pencil on paper and canvas, using meditation before and during the process of creating art. I focus on the female form, often integrating that into the landscape of brushwork. Much of my work is inspired by my dreams and decades of work in Zen meditation and transformative work. I have shown my work in galleries and museums world wide.


Tale of the White Spider

In 2002 I had a dream that I was a white luminous spider hanging from the silk thread of my body in vast dark space. The dream was timeless and when I awoke there was a pervasive sense of deep inner peace and connection that has inspired a body of work that continues to present times. I have had a recent solo exhibit in a Los Angeles Gallery this year that has created these images.

Ascending “Ascending ”

The image shows me floating in the dream-space between dreaming and waking. The silk thread becomes a rope I ascend, and I am the white spider in the form of a female, with the light shining through my body and that deep sense of inner calm radiating through my body to be carried out into my waking state. The piece was created in 2020.

Illuminated woman “Illuminated woman”

This image is is inspired by the dream ‘Tale of the white spider’ upon my waking state. I was floating in the space of complete freedom and inner peace and a connection to all life, the earth’s terrain and all the elements and living beings inside me.

Light force “Light force ”

This image is from the dream ‘Tale of the white spider’ and how the dream continues to inspire my art.