Dimitra Klironomou

Dimitra Klironomou

Location: Greece

Dimitra Klironomou was born in Corfu island Greece.
She started her studies at the Corfu Art School in 2000 where she successfully graduated in 2008.
In 2015 she graduated with honors from the London Art College in Lancaster, England.

Exhibitions (selectively)

• 10th International Art Festival
"Viailgnatia Vevchani" Northern Macedonia June 2019
• Art Zone 42 Gallery "Sazae-Oni" (Group exhibition) Athens January 2019
• Century Resort Hotel Corfu (solo exhibition) September 2017
• Time of Art Gallery "Pretty Woman" (Group exhibition) Athens January 2017
• Chili Art gallery "Refining the Mystery of Life" Athens November 2015
• ArtVille multipurpose space "Art and Upheaval October 2015
• Art kolonaki Gallery Athens 2014
• Piraeus Bank Conference Center "Parallel Roads" Thessaloniki 2011
• Old Fortress of Corfu "Reports" (solo exhibition) 2009
• Art Gallery of the Municipality of Corfu 2008
• "Art August" Corfu Greece 2007
• Municipal Gallery of Piraeus exhibition 2007


Mixed techniques / Mixed emotions

The journey to the art has many travelers.
It has the soul that leads, it has the mind that follows and the body that conveys the external stimuli of the world we live in and the one we desire.

"Sincerity" “"Sincerity"”

oil on canvas

"Intensive Blue" “"Intensive Blue"”

mixed media on canvas

"Directions" “"Directions" ”

mixed media on canvas

"Erotico" “"Erotico"”

mixed media on canvas