Aaron Krone

Aaron Krone has a B.A. from Friends University, Wichita, Kansas and an MFA from Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas. He is an Associate Professor of studio arts at Friends University, Wichita, Kansas where he teaches the compositional design, drawing, painting, and figural classes and is a member of the Art Education Committee for the Sedgwick County Arts Council. He has won regional and international recognition for his artwork.

Aaron was accepted in 66 International Online Competitions and 2 National Competitions in 2019-2021. He received the following special honors: Juror’s Choice (1), Crystal Award of Merit (2), Magazine Finalist (3), Special Recognition (5), Honorable Mention (16), Selected Artist (1), Noteworthy (1) and Merit Award (6).



Self-Portrait_Krone-Aaron “Self-Portrait_Krone-Aaron”

In photography, motion blurs are often seen as ruined or wasted images because the face is out of focus or distorted due to the action, but I enjoy the ambiguity of these happy accidents. The uncertainty of who the subject is and the focus of the action and emotion displayed is what I’m interested in.

Position Change-Krone-Aaron “Position Change-Krone-Aaron”

The beauty and elegance of the artwork “Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2” by Marcel Duchamp, has fascinated and influenced me. I explore the idea of motion and emotion and how the two interrelate. A unique beauty happens when a person is in the middle of a process or action. The use of motion provides the idea that we are moving through time and not stagnant; we are ever changing.

Passive/Aggressive-Krone Aaron “Passive/Aggressive-Krone Aaron”

I’m influenced by a number of artists including Richard Diebenkorn who said, “Reality has to be digested, it has to be transmuted by paint. It has to be given a twist of some kind.” I consider this idea when I represent the human experience with visual images.

Observer-Krone-Aaron “Observer-Krone-Aaron”

My goal is to create a portrait that includes the personality, emotion and the mood of a person. I want my image to engage the viewer and give deep insight into the current emotion being expressed. I often explore the idea of motion and emotion and how the two interrelate. It is my hope that my drawings will suggest stories to the viewer about the people depicted.

Hopes and Dreams “Hopes and Dreams”

Parents look with awe at their newborn daughter.