Khalil S.dadah

Born l936.Finished secondary
school l954.Began teaching
fine art drawing and painting
in Gaza and Lybia.Gave up
teaching career and started
business doing l971,just to
have money and time to per-
form art drawing(wood burning).In l999,I began to use
watercolor pencils(clean) in painting,portraying in unique
style the events in our area,
as self taught artist.


The Recycling Machine Of Time

Every thing changes by passing time , without taking special
care with what those things are or will be.

In the Prison Cell “In the Prison Cell”

How the lonely prisoner in a prison cell looks like.

Consolation ! “Consolation !”

The irrational method of conslating the woman.

Love In The Desert “Love In The Desert”

The way of loving in the desert style

Roots ! “Roots !”

Despite the loss of their landThey try to root themselves .

Call For Love “Call For Love”

A strange way of calling for love.