Lucinda Batchelor

I am based in the UK and produce contemporary and classic photographic images of the highest quality.

The natural world has always been an important part of my life, nature captivated me from a young age. As my interest in sustainability, wellness and environmental responsibility has grown, so has my passion and resolve.

I have worked for celebrated artists whose works are included in the Royal Collection, and my own work is featured in the National Portrait Gallery's collection in London.

The beautifully poetic French word for twilight is ‘l'heure entre chien et loup’, or ‘the hour between the dog and the wolf’. The phrase describes the approaching dark as a time when things move from familiar to wild, or when the failing light means it’s hard to distinguish between a dog and a wolf. This phrase feeds into my passion for nature photography and describes perfectly how light changes everything.

My photography revolves around the natural world using natural light. Capturing the perfect simplicity, ethereal qualities, patterns and atmospheres of worlds which interconnect with our own.


A Scattering of Light

A collection of flower studies in natural light. Taking a minimal approach creates a calm sensory perception.