Andrea Derujinsky

I am the Derujinsky estate curator, daughter, and author of Capturing Fashion Derujinsky, Andrea Derujinsky. I am currently working on my second book the Grounded Pilot. I have spent the last year working through 10,000 Kodachrome transparencies taken by Gleb Derujinsky over a 40 year span from 1970- 2000. Subjects vary from Ghost Towns of the Wild West, Skies, Water, Landscapes, Seascapes, and Decisive Moments. I am very excited to share this private collection of artistic works by Derujinsky. It would be a crime to deny our world of these extraordinary exposures.


General Merchandise

These are a few Kodachrome snapshots that are currently at the lab being scanned digitally. I should have the raw files this week. 06/06/2021. I wanted to share this step-by-step process so others may share in this process. Nothing just happens without putting in the work and this work is driven by pure passion.

General Merchandise “General Merchandise”

This photo was taken between 1970-1973.

U.S. Post Office “U.S. Post Office”

Taken between 1970-1973

For Rent “For Rent”

Taken between 1970-1973

Yellow Window Frames “Yellow Window Frames”

Taken between 1970-1973

Boy Scouts “Boy Scouts”

Taken between 1970-1973

Miners Union Hall “Miners Union Hall”

Taken between 1970-1973


Gleb spent 40 years shooting a variety of subjects and though he may have focused on one topic at a time often he would just add to the topic as he found the subject matter. Derujinksy was always clear-eyed and focused and saw the big picture over 4 decades of work. He saw subjects in blocks but never had a deadline to complete one portfolio or another.