Thomas Roth

Thomas Roth was trained at Beckmans College of Art and Design in Stockholm, Sweden; a hotbed of minimal high design. His background is grounded in Minimalist Art and Design. He garnered over 300 awards in the advertising industry during his career as an Art Director. His corporate commissions included Volvo, Kodak, Intel, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and Visa. His work has been exhibited at the National Museum of Art in Stockholm, Sweden as well as galleries in New York and LA. His Fine Art is found in corporate and private collections across the US and Europe.

His Fine Art evolved from early Surrealism and Hyper-realism, to Pop, to Contemporary Minimalism. Roth recently became known for his exclusive use of white. It was process based relief work with great surface tension. His focus was on the surface structure and the effects of light and shadow on that surface. His started with common and recycled materials. These items, while infinitely available, allowed Roth to create extraordinarily unique work.The play with light blurred the boundaries between painting and sculpture. He emphasized repetition with variation, allowing each piece to evolve intuitively rather than forcing the medium to conform to a concept. He surrendered himself to the uncertainties of his method. He saw the process as an “improvised dance with the medium leading to surprises and spontaneous effects”.

His most recent bold and playful Contemporary Abstractions have become his current signature work. They begin with the pure creative play of shapes and colors that he allows to evolve and become whatever they wish. His process has a childlike innocent openness that is rare. The resulting optimism of the work is a delight.


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