Mallika Bulusu

Mallika Bulusu

Location: India

My Background
My journey started in childhood with sketching, poster colours and water colours. Decades later when I started doing oils on canvas I realized the intensity of my expressions is depicted wonderfully through that medium. Mixed media helped me get more tools for communication while acrylics give me a faster pace to depict my thoughts on canvas.

My Inspiration

My inspiration could be a breathtaking view of a landscape, an appealing expression, a soul-stirring musical composition, an idea, a good deed or a particular incident captures my attention and captivates my mind. These moments are magical, meditative and fulfilling in terms of harnessing my abilities to depict the emotions evoked in my heart on the canvas. Being a trained classical musician, interpreting the musical compositions, which help me transcend into a higher plane, on canvas is as joyful as singing or listening to those compositions.

My Passion

Art is the purest form of emotional connect between people. The connect transcends all kinds of barriers and limitations. Working with special needs children and teaching them art has strengthened this belief and helped me evolve as an artist and communicate my thoughts and ideas discernibly to the viewer.


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