Hiromi Watanabe

HIromi Watanabe

Location: Japan

Poet and painter create a work that is healed in the fantastic.



From Tokyo

Graduated from KWANSEI GAKUIN univ.

・"Hiro Yamagata Process" won the 6th Star Birth Grand Prix.

・2021 circle foundation for che arts
Competition Exhibit Spectrum Brooklyn with World Wide Art Finalist

・2021 The 47th International Artavita online Art Contest Finalist

・Participated in many group exhibitions, including 14 solo exhibitions and 4 overseas countries.

・Masterpiece "Thank you for being born"(Poem)

・"May everything go well"(Watercolor)

・Poetry art book "Songs spelled out in feelings for that person"(ePhoenix.co)

・art book "Watercolor croquis Draw with free colors"
(NextPublishing Authors Press)

・Poetry art book "Songs spelled in a sleepless night"etc.

・She is involved in commercial publishing with fourteen books.

Art free paper "A collection of art postcards that can be displayed on the frames"

We recruited more than 10 participants for each issue, planned and edited up to vol, 4, published 1000 copies each, and distributed them all over the country, mainly in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.

It became an article of the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Toshodaiji Uchiwa Maki "Uchiwa picture" has been dedicated every year since 2019.


The theme of the paintings that she draws is consistently "smile".

This theme is backed by the painful experiences of the past.

She has suffered from Myasthenia gravis (MG) and has faced death.
It also has to do with the bitter memories of school days that She can't show.

It was a very painful experience.
She seems to have been desperate to live in the future.

Fortunately, when She succeeded in treatment and achieved rehabilitation, She came to think like this.

"If it helps someone who has a hard time like me"

After that, while continuing to write paintings and poetry, from the people She met,
She was desperate for her life because of her kindness and warmth, and she was able to regain her smile.

Her paintings, which are evaluated as "healed" and "relieved", are
Still have a smile on her face.