My name is Milan, and I was born in the heart of Europe, Slovakia in 1987. I am proud to be a landscape artist based in Ipswich, Suffolk and to share my love of art with others.

My first experience as an artist was when I entered a painting competition at my primary school and without any experience, I managed to finish 3rd within the landscape painting category. I was very happy, proud and determined to further develop my artistic ability.

When it comes to art, my influence has always been my dad who was painting landscapes as a hobby for as long as I can remember. I used to watch him for hours in his small studio and pay attention when he would teach me the techniques he was using at the time. One day he painted a castle with a lake reflection surrounded by wonderful scenery, and he told me stories about that magical place. That was the exact moment that I realized I wanted to become a landscape artist and continue the artistic journey I had started at that young age in primary school.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan! I was unable to go to a secondary school where I could learn more about art and painting, so sadly I could not continue my development as an artist. Instead, I studied transport and became an electrical engineer. But you know what they say: 'Once an artist, always an artist'. I have never considered the change in my career path a regret, as I believe everything happens for a reason. I am also a firm believer, that certain things in life cannot be learnt at school. Just like art, some things are either in your DNA or they aren't, there is no middle-ground I am afraid!

It has taken me many years of only painting occasionally, but I finally rediscovered my relationship with art in 2018. I started self-studying the works of Michael James Smith. I consider him my mentor and it was Michael who really inspired me to not only follow my artistic journey again, but take it to a next new level.

I work primarily with alkyd oils because it’s a fast-drying oil paint which allows me to use multiple layers of glaze in a short period of time. This also enables me to finish my artwork quickly. I currently use MDF panels for my paintings which I prepare myself prior to the start of every new piece. The panel is very smooth so I can achieve the best effects with this technique.

I look forward to sharing my art with you. Passing on my knowledge and skills to others who have the same love for this phenomenal passion is something I adore. My journey with art began as a child and I will continue to develop it in future.


Landscape oil paintings

Alkyd oil paintings on MDF panel based on reference photo by MJS

Beachy Head Lighthouse “Beachy Head Lighthouse ”

Alkyd oil painting 30x30cm
Sunset by the Beachy head lighthouse in East Sussex , UK

Bluebell Hill “Bluebell Hill ”

Alkyd oil painting 30x30cm on MDF panel based on reference and instructions by MJS

Lake reflection “Lake reflection ”

Oil painting 40X30cm on MDF panel

Late afternoon on river Tisa “Late afternoon on river Tisa ”

Oil painting 30X30cm on MDF panel